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The first vegan organic Community Supported Agriculture in Berlin!

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The core of a "Solawi" - a German abridgement for "solidarity agriculture" - is a cooperative management of agriculture, detached from world market prices, with the ability to have good calculability for the farmers and involving the members in cultivation planning, harvesting and distribution of the produced goods. A small idea becomes a strong community!

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Biovegan includes both, organic and vegan, which means that we pay attention to all living organisms and do without farm animals, thereby promoting biodiversity



  • Our vegetables will not be packed in plastic
  • We create habitats for wild animal and plant species
  • Poison, chemicals and pesticides harm all organisms
  • We want to promote healthy soil, groundwater and biodiversity
  • Life is more important than efficiency and profit

Social & Vegan

  • All living beings deserve respect
  • Everyone should have access to healthy and sustainable food
  • Together we can achieve more, learn from each other to live vegan, to feed ourselves, to jointly initiate further projects for an animal cruelty-free world
  • Together, it's just more fun ;)


  • Your money reaches farmers and not the middlemen
  • You can be part of a local community where people support and complement each other with different knowledge, skills and interests
  • Short transport routes protect the environment

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You think we're crazy and so are you?

You want to support a biovegan, cruelty-free agriculture?

Bring in your skills to our SolaWi, learn from others, be part of a new movement!

Doesn't sound interesting yet? What if we tell you...

that a biovegan agriculture frees 75% of all currently used areas for nature conservation and reforestation!